Saturday, February 23, 2013

Balance Sheet

The dwarf was of course not oblivious of the magnitude of the upgrade. Given the inheritance free clean slate (which has its own advantages), he actually thought he had managed to fast-forward evolution. He certainly did. The trouble was he grossly underestimated the associated cost.

Times of disputes always bring about harsh, unsolicited truths - dwarfs are addressed as dwarfs; they are reminded of how invariably the union of normal people with them do not work out. The dwarf didn't mind that. In fact he even realized the need for outsourcing; tasks that require you to have normal height will have to be outsourced.

However, what the dwarf failed to foresee was: a) The outsourcing may not only be limited to such tasks, and more importantly b) The bill may not only be in cash; there can be and will be dilution of equity.

A community that always took pride (at best secretly in its urge to prove itself modern) in its bias towards potential energy over its kinetic counterpart (to an extent that kinetic energy is actually considered a bad thing), free lunches for dwarfs are ruled out; people with congenital diseases shall have to work hard to attract the slightest affection; genuineness of feelings and investments shall remain the 73rd and 74th most important variables, more so when the vendors are certainly not lacking the former. And while no amount of hard work can help the dwarf gain height, it can certainly make him more useful.

Call it solace for the dwarf or being logical, the keyword for the dwarf remains magnitude of the upgrade. I will any day sign up for this investment.

Happy 8th to us!

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